Outdoor Activity Ideas to Make Your Date Memorable

There’s a secret in every relationship: at some point, you will surely run out of ideas of what to do with your beloved to woo them during your time together.

Worse yet, you may not even realize that!

So people end up doing the same things again and again and again every time. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, if you really really like the activity, and like each other.

Except you can bring more colors to the relationship. You can see each other in a new environment and try new things together. That can freshen things up and deepen the connections in ways that will surprise you. Plus, on a personal level, scientists say you can be de-stressed and feel happier being outdoors. Isn’t that the key to a healthy relationship!


Since you’re here, let’s go through the reasons why you should have your dates outdoors, and activity ideas that you can use for your next dates!

Reasons a date outdoor is good for you and your relationship

Apart from being a super healthy option, there are more to dating outdoors…

It’s fun

The best thing about outdoor dates is that there’s always something else you can focus on. While you still get a lot of privacy, it’s nothing like a job interview. It’s less intensive and a lot more relaxing. You can put most of your efforts into the activity itself, be it hiking, swimming, or having a picnic, at the same time getting to know your date.

Because actions speak louder than words

Is your date adventurous or cautious? Do they appreciate a healthy lifestyle? Are they more persistent or more relaxed? A date outdoors, especially one that require you to work together on something (say, getting a kite to reach its maximum height), will allow you to learn about each other’s personalities through both actions and words.

And it’s super affordable

Now, outdoor dates doesn’t always equal cheap dates. It’s actually very easy to splurge and make it a fancy event. Like, you know, renting a helicopter to watch the sunset together from above.

However, you can also enjoy other simple activities. A picnic, for example, is very affordable. You’ll mostly pay for some quick food, but it’s nothing compared to those $200 meals at the restaurant. A good solution when you want a date with a thin wallet.

Outdoor activities to do with your boyfriend


You enjoy nature and each other’s company at the same time. Lots of privacy, but not confined within a room – a great time to be candid and open up to each other. It’s good for the heart in many ways 🙂

Going to a food festival/flea market

If you’re not really into exercises, but also hate sitting still in a room, you’ll love a date at a festival or a flea market. You’ll get to be together and eat exotic foods, at the same time talking and socializing with other people. Refrain from bringing too many stuffs from the market though!


There can be more fun at a flea market than you think!

Credit: FE Warren Air Force Base

Kite flying

Learning how to fly a kite can be great fun. Just remember to use some good sunscreen – your face will be toward the sky all day.

A pool picnic

You bring the cookies and cakes, they bring the drinks. It’s a good chance to check out their naked face also 🙂

A jog in the park

If you’ve been too lazy to jog alone, ask them to join you. The dopamine released while running will bring you closer together. Plus you’ll get to shed some unwanted fat. Win-win.

A photo taking session

Visit a nice lake and pose together, or go take photos of the sunset at a new spot.

Walking the dogs

If you like animals, why not spending a visit to the local rescue center and volunteer to take a dog out for a walk with your boyfriend? Maybe then you can asset if it’s a good idea to bring one into your lives once you decide to share a home together.

Chilling on a beach

There are a thousand things you can do at a beach, from surfing, swimming, to volleyball. Or you can simply grab a cold beer or some coconut, and enjoy a lazy sunbath together. Just don’t forget to apply your sunscreen.

Biking around the city

Put on your helmets, and enjoy a bike ride. This is especially good if you want to be together in solitude – you can’t really shout aloud that much while on a bike!


Outdoor concert

Book the tickets to a show you both would enjoy, and surprise him. If it’s too fancy, a dancing show at the park is a lot more affordable and not any less fun. You may find “your song” at the event 🙂

Do couple yoga!

You both want some stretch after a long day in the office? An outdoor yoga retreat is the best thing. If you’re already in the touchy stage of a relationship, you can try couple yoga too. It can take your connection to a whole new level.


Maybe not these fancy poses, but you can try a thousand other yoga poses together!

Credit: GIPHY

Watching the stars

With some luck, you can actually find a good spot around your area where you can watch the stars while sharing a drink together. If stars are too fancy, find somewhere to watch the city at night from above.

I was lucky enough to attend a college whose campus is on the mountain. How I enjoyed my sitting at a bench watching the lights down in Taipei with my dates!

Visit a berry farm together

Or a cherry garden. Or any other farm/garden with juicy fruits you can go pick. Don’t forget to take photos of your harvest.

Picnic in the park

You bring some apples and he some sandwiches. Bring your pets too, as long as it’s not a boa.